Martin and Sarah in France, Days 8–

After a week of almost nothing but sightseeing, it was time to connect with some of Sarah's friends in Marseilles, where she lived for almost a year. A couple of hours from Carcassonne by train, Marseilles sits on the southern coast of France and is one of the oldest cities in the country; it celebrated its 2,600th anniversary a couple of years back.

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Me in my natural habitat. Our hosts, Norm and Ruthanne, graciously let me use their dining table to finish a bit of work for World Vision. The view from Norm and Ruthanne's apartment. Marseilles' Old Port area as seen from Notre Dame de la Garde, the basilica overlooking the city. This building is the Pharo, the city's old lighthouse.    And here's les Reformees, one of the biggest cathedrals.