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Notorious CD
Martin Stillion
8027 242nd St. SW
Edmonds, WA 98026
CD:  $15
Shipping:  $2.50 for 1–3 CDs; $4.00 for 4–8 CDs
Martin Stillion—Notorious
Here it is, folks—my first CD. Primarily Celtic in style, but other influences—classical, baroque, blues, and avant garde—also show up. In addition to fiddle, I play mandolin, viola, octave mandolin, mandocello, and resophonic tenor guitar, and I have some friends contributing whistle, recorder, Irish flute, uilleann pipes, bodhran, and vocals.

Why would I call my first CD Notorious? Well, because it's the soundtrack to A Most Notorious Woman, a play I've been performing around the globe with playwright/actor Molly Lyons. Roughly half the pieces are my own compositions; the other half are mostly traditional tunes (or at least very old ones). Please order a copy or six. Thanks!

Other Places to Find Notorious

Notorious is also available online at Mid-Continent Music. In the Seattle area, you can find it at the following shops:
bulletDusty Strings in Fremont
bulletThe Folkstore in the University District
bulletGuitar Emporium in Ballard
bulletBentley's String Instruments in Everett


Follow the links for MP3 samples.

1. Cait Ni Dhubhuir (Kitty O’Dwyer)
2. Jigs: Jig from A2Z / Donal na Piopa / Kesh Jig
3. Hugh O’Donnell
4. Lord Justice Drury / Nice and Nasty / Bingham I / Question of the Sea
5. O’Carolan’s Farewell
6. Granuaile I (Richard’s Theme)
7. Hornpipes: Boys of Bluehill / The Broken Pledge / Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
8. Taimse im Chodladh
9. Jewels
10. The Rescue of Hugh De Lacy
11. The Killers of Hugh De Lacy
12. Reels: The Lark / Salamanca / Bentley’s
13. Spanish Armada Blues
14. The Birth and Death of Owen O’Flaherty
15. Bingham II
16. Murrough
17. Come Again Sweet Love
18. Granuaile II 


Martin Stillion Fiddle, mandolin, viola, octave mandolin, mandocello, resophonic tenor guitar
David Denz Irish flute, uilleann pipes
Jan Elliott-Glanister Bodhran
Chris Glanister Whistle, recorder
Molly Lyons


Can't tell you for sure about the other musicians, but here are the axes I played:
bullet19th-century German fiddle
bullet1994 Brad Donaldson F5 mandolin
bullet1960s German viola labeled “John Juzek"
bullet1994 Dave Thormahlen octave mandolin
bullet1917 Gibson K-1 mandocello
bullet1929 National Triolian wood-body resophonic tenor guitar


Here's a short but very complimentary writeup from the online arts magazine Looking Closer.