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My primary means of making a living. I specialize in writing for nonprofit and charitable organizations, and I'm licensed as an independent contractor in Washington state. To discuss a project, call me at (425) 673-0263 or e-mail me at martin@stillion.com.


I have particular interest and experience in the following fields:
bulletAdoption services
bulletFood and nutrition
bulletInternational relief and development
bulletMedical and healthcare
bulletPerforming arts
bulletPublic health
And I've worked on the following types of publications:
bulletDirect mail
bulletMarketing copy
bulletWeb sites
I also have a good deal of writing and editing experience in for-profit and corporate environments, specifically on the following types of work:
bulletMarketing of architecture/engineering/construction management services
bulletUser interface and marketing copy for e-commerce
bulletSoftware manuals


If you like graphics, try the PDF version of my résumé.
If your computer doesn't do PDFs, here's my résumé in RTF (Rich Text Format).
The same résumé in HTML.
And finally, an identical résumé in plain-text format. I'm working on the cuneiform version.

Writing Samples

  1. I wrote or rewrote everything on the Web site for World Association for Children and Parents, a Seattle-area adoption agency. I've also worked on their quarterly newsletter.
  2. I edited or wrote most of the help text at drugstore.com. Here's a sample.
  3. I also wrote some marketing and consumer pieces for drugstore.com. Here's one of them, a vitamin C buying guide.
  4. And here's a freelance article on the common cold for Group Health Cooperative.
  5. I've started writing for Response, the alumni newsletter of my alma mater, Seattle Pacific. Here are most if not all of the articles I've written for them.

    bulletFriendly Competition
    bulletField of Changes
    bulletWoman of the Year
    bulletFalcon Legends
    bulletField Goals
    bulletBeyond the Bench
    bulletRoad to the Final Four

    Alumni profiles
    bulletPainting the Music
    bulletA Missionary Who Works with His Hands
    bulletIn the Air and on the Ground, Alum Seeks New Challenges
    bulletSome Things Change—and Some Things Stay the Same

    Social issues
    bulletThe Faces of AIDS

    Performing arts
    bulletCelebrating African Composers


The following people have been instructed to say nice things about me. If you prefer, you can download a rich text document with contact information for five of these references.

Jan Pollard
Patricia Bywater
Rebecca Hughes
Joan DeClaire
Kris Leander
Alex Gramling