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I'm a member of an artists' group at Bethany Presbyterian Church. To encourage visual artists to get more involved in the life of the church, we did an installation based on the liturgical tradition of the Stations of the Cross. Sixteen artists were given some charcoal, a piece of paper, and a scene from Christ's passion to illustrate. The Seattle Times found out about this project and wrote a very nice article.

My drawing, as you can see, is of Jesus being flogged and crowned with thorns. It wasn't an easy concept to think about, let alone draw. I didn't want to shy away from the violence and suffering in the image, but at the same time I wanted it to be about Jesus still trying to make a connection between God and humanity. I liked the challenge of trying to show extreme emotion without showing a face. No one knows what Jesus' face really looked like, so I chose to try to put the emotions into his hands instead.

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Christ_Detail_Hand.jpg (40556 bytes)
Through the outstretched left hand, Jesus releases his suffering toward heaven.
Christ_Detail_Hand_2.jpg (47676 bytes)
The right hand is his connection to the earth and the human race.
Christ_Detail_1.jpg (56307 bytes)
So many stories in the Bible involved Jesus changing people's lives by physically touching them. The contrast between his touch and the cat o' nine tails' touch is extreme.
Christ_Detail_Head.jpg (94214 bytes)
The crown of thorns.
Christ_with_Sketches.jpg (58206 bytes)
The full-size piece along with some preliminary sketches.
Christ_Full.jpg (62546 bytes)
The finished work.